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Preorbital Musk Rope and 4oz Lure

Preorbital Musk Rope and 4oz Lure

PREORBITAL / MUSK ROPE - The Preorbital Musk rope is handmade right here at our shop.   NEVER APPLY TO CLOTHING OR BLIND.


For many years Jason Van Meter has always used a natural vine in place of this product, however the ability to ship a licking vine is challenging.  For this reason, Jason decided to start producing this rope technique, which is very effective.


This combo package comes with 4 ounces of either RidgeTop Buck-N-Rut or our Ole #11.

  • Just apply our product to the knot in rope make sure knot is waist high from ground, and create  a mock scrape underneath.
  • Very effective if hung right in the middle or next to a trail, where a buck has to rub up against it to go buy during travels.
  • Make sure the rope is hung in a shot location.
  • This product is also very effective for collecting heard data by a camera 12 months out of the year.
  • Apply fresh lure at least once a month and never more than once a week.