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Katie Sandage

Van Meter and Son Lures owner Jason Van Meter is thankful for the passion that Katie Sandage has to use Van Meter and Son Lures deer scent products in her strategy to consistently kill big mature bucks.

Jason always teases Katie that back in the early days, when Van Meter and Son Lures first entered the social media world, Katie made Van Meter and Son Lures Facebook famous!!

Katie's Lure Strategy:

Katie has a very simple, but  yet powerfully effective method for killing big Indiana and Kentucky bucks on a consistent basis. Katie will spray the Doe in Heat lure behind her as she makes her way to her stand location.  Once Katie arrives at the stand, she will heavily spray both sides of the tree trunk with Doe in Heat at about 5ft high above the ground.  While on stand Katie uses the Van Meter and Son Lures Buck Grunt to create that perfect illusion of a buck and doe together in her stand area. 

Katie's favorite Van Meter and Son Lures for killing mature bucks:

-Doe in Heat

-Buck Grunt Call

Katie's Favorite Deer Lures

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