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Ryan Reay

Van Meter and Son Lures owner Jason Van Meter is extremely passionate about running the trap line.  With that being said, the deer lure side of Van Meter and Son Lures has experienced significant growth over the past several years pulling Jason away from the trapline at times.  Ryan Reay has been an answer to prayer to help promote this side of the Van Meter and Son Lures brand. 

Ryan goes above and beyond to promote our line of trapping lures and products in a very professional way. 

Ryan has also had the distinguished honor of being featured in Tom Miranda's book "Master Trappers". (see images below of Tom and Ryan).

Ryan is also very skilled at capturing powerful photos of running the trap line.


We hope you enjoy some of Ryan's photography and trapping work in the media gallery below. This gallery is dedicated to our friend Ryan Reay, one of the finest trappers to hit the great outdoors!

Ryan's Favorite Van Meter and Son Lures for Trapping Canines:

-Musk Canine Bait

-Excited Lure

-Either Red Fox or Coyote urine

Ryan's Favorite Canine Lures

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