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8oz V-Dripper

8oz V-Dripper

A Urine Dripper that is engineered to last up to three plus weeks. 


Tips for using the 8oz V-Dripper

  • Only fill the V-Dripper to the bottom of the threaded neck of the bottle.
  • .Never squeeze the 8oz bottle to "activate" the dripper
    • NOT following the above two bullet points may cause the V-dripper to vapor lock.
  • Hang the V-Dripper as high as you can reach which will hopefully insure that buck antlers stay away from the V-Dripper.
  • After the hunting season is over, make sure to remove the V-Dripper from the outdoors.  Squirrels or other varmints may destroy your V-Dripper if left outdoors after the hunting season is completed.